20 May: Didn’t take long but we found ourselves a drummer from the US no less. He’s a cousin of a cousin. We liked his demo that he sent us. Only one hitch. We have to wait another 2 weeks before he can cross the Atlantic to start practicing with us. He has the cutest little daughter. I saw her in the background while we had a Skype call to discuss some details. She was wearing, I guess what you would call girls princess costumes with frills and flounces galore. She danced about with a tiara on her head, waving a princess wand, and kicking up her heels!. She was so free and happy in that extraordinary princess like dress. I’m thinking of sending a pink feather boa to her! What a cutie! She might just inspire me to write a song.

As to why my cousin’s cousin can’t just hop on a plane. It turns out he injured his back working on an oil rig out of Lafayette LA and he’s in the process of healing. But he has some good news in spite of the delay. Turns out that he met this really great maritime lawyer in Lafayette LA. His legal team forced a settlement with the rig owner and he’s due a significant payoff which will lead to a new set of drums! But his back is in traction and we’ll have to wait until his doc gives the ok to travel. There always seems to be some twists and turns making this band thing more difficult than it should be. All we want to do is play music. Well, we’ll be here still making music till our new drummer arrives.

13 May: Goodbye Anders, we hardly knew ye. Drummers seem to come and go, don’t they? Anyway, “We are in the position to announce that due to the distance between us, we came to a conclusion that we can’t continue working with Kobro behind the drum kit. Kobro during the last months was a precious help and Den Saakaldte thank him for his services and dedication. The new album though is going to be rehearsed and worked a lot and the Kristians and-Oslo distance makes our goal unreachable. We will have to start the searching for a new drummer that will be located in Oslo, soon. We will get back with news when we have news.”

18 March: “Den Saakaldte & Pantheon I will be appearing at a special event at the Azijnfabriek, Roermond, Netherlands on Sunday 21 March. Both bands will play special sets and there will be a meet and greet where you will be able to meet all the band members and share a beer or two (or more!) Anyone with tickets to the Taake/Horna/Den Saakaldte/Panethon I event on Saturday, will get free entry on Sunday. The event kicks off at 16:00.”

15 February: “We regret that we have to cancel our appearance at the Barther Open Air Festival on the 20th August, due to schedule clashes for some of the band members. All other dates remain unchanged. For 2010 there is one more date to be announced in the near future and that is for MEXICO, as Den Saakaldte is crossing the atlantic for one show. More info on this later on. No other gigs are or will be planned for this year.” (they don’t mean the European gigs, 5 of which are still posted)

16 January: digipak CD officially released. It’s one of the best-looking packages I’ve ever seen, apart from the photo of Sykelig (joking!).

14 January: weird tour date cancellations reduce upcoming shows to 5 from the original 13. Not sure why.

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