Den Saakaldte

Welcome to my totally unofficial fansite for the Black Metal supergroup Den Saakaldte.

Den Saakaldte means “The So-Called” and is the name of one of my favorite songs from the mid-1990s. “Den Saakaldte” the song came off of the Ved Buens Ende album “Written in Waters” and at the time I thought it was one of the freakiest things ever.

Now, I’ve heard freakier things since then, such as Shining. If you don’t know them, they’re a Norwegian band that mixes jazz, classical, and (of course) extreme metal in a way that is totally different from whatever you’re assuming that they sound like. When I saw them doing “21st Century Schizoid Man” with Enslaved for like a half hour or so straight, I think I may have wet myself.

Well, when I found out that members of Shining AND Ved Buens Ende were getting together in Houston, I was quite interested. When I heard that they were working with none other than Hellhammer himself, I made a note to check them out at all costs. Checking them out meant- I needed to get to where ever their practice space is. I get really into things like this. So I hired a cab and we went out searching. We took the biggest highway in Texas to get there, and what happens.. well a truck runs the car in front of us off the road! It was like a sign from above. The cab driver pulled over, called 911 and made sure that the people in the car were ok. Fortunately they were and had already called a truck injury lawyer in Houston Tx just in case. I figured it was a sign from above was- this just wasn’t meant to be. Or at least I am not meant to seek out the practice space, so I went home. Anyway…

And when I read Sykelig’s ‘manifesto’ of sorts dedicating the band to “the paranoia, depression and alkohol influenced thoughts of the individual…as a meaning, stands for every person that is not or doesn’t feel a part of the ‘normal’ society”…well, I knew that I would forge a path through the ten thousand bitter powers and principalities of hell itself to experience the band for myself.

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Starting in 2006, Mikael Sykelig brought together members of various Norwegian Black Metal bands to form a particularly “sick and depressive” super group project.

Named “Den Saakaldte” (“The So-Called”), after the 1995 track of the same name by experimental Norwegian band Ved Buens Ende, the original line-up featured Sykelig (of Naer Mataron and Paradigma) on vocals and guitars, Vicotnik (of Dodheimsgard, Ved Buen Ende, and Code) on bass, Jormundgand (also of Dodheimsgard) on keyboards, and the legendary Hellhammer (of Mayhem and numerous other bands) on drums.

Bass duties transferred from Vicotnik to Tor Risdal “Seidemann” Stavenes (of 1349, Slavia, and others) at some point early in the recording of the first album. No online casino USA connection that I know of.